Here you will find samples of art, both fine and commercial that I have had the pleasure to create over the past few decades!
I paint in many styles but surrealism dominates my work. There are a couple of projects worth mentioning here, one is my ongoing Newton's Grimm's where I intend to do one small painting for each Grimm's Fairytale, and there is the Coloring Book You Always Wanted! and it's Hall of Fame. If you are in need of illustrations or logo design please contact me. Samples of all this and more can be accessed using the navigation bar below.

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When our outdated ideas can be crushed by a feather ...
"Moment of Perception" is an original gouache painting on archival illustration board. The painting is 18 inches by 16 inches.
It is matted, covered with UV filtering plexiglass and has a wood frame (framed dimensions 33 inches by 31 inches)
Please CONTACT me to purchasing this original painting.


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