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Of course there is no "Wrong" way of doing a coloring book - it's your book, have at it!!
But for those who feel the need for a place to start, here's a few things to consider.

Try placing a slipsheet of sturdy paper or card stock under the page you are working on, this will help protect the page below

this is an image of slipsheet being placed between two pages of the coloring book

water color wash and colored pencil
I recommend a combination of watercolor wash, and after that has dried, details and shadows using colored pencil
(like the sample below)

this is an example of water color wash on the left and on the right the same image with colored pencil added

A little planning might keep you from finding yourself at a “what now?” moment. Think about color schemes and contrast.
this image has examples of contrast
Color and light/dark contrast help create depth in your picture and can focus attention

Most of all HAVE FUN!!
I'll look forward to seeing your work in the COLORING BOOK HALL OF FAME!


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